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Google Hangouts vs Google Meet: Unrivaled Comparison for Better Communication

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In an age where virtual communication has become the backbone of social interaction, choosing the right platform is vital. As two of Google’s prominent video conferencing solutions, Google Hangouts and Google Meet, have become go-to options for many. But what distinguishes one from the other? How do they resonate with the tech-savvy Gen Z?

In this article, we’ll dive into a comprehensive comparison between Google Hangouts vs Google Meet, unraveling the features, quirks, and qualities that cater to the demands and dynamism of Generation Z. Join us as we explore the virtual battleground of Google Hangouts vs Google Meet, and find out which one takes the trophy for the digital natives.

Overview of Google Hangouts

Google hangout

Google Hangouts is a free communication tool offered by Google that allows you to engage in text chats, video calls, and group conversations. Seamless integration with Gmail enables you to use Hangouts directly from your email account. Hangouts support instant messaging, making it a great alternative to platforms like Slack. It lets you send text messages, share files, and even hold group video calls with up to 25 participants.

  • Instant Messaging: Available         
  • Voice Calls: Available
  • Mobile App: Available
  • Screen Sharing: Available
  • Meeting Participant Limit:  25 participants for free.
  • Integration: Gmail, allowing Calendar and Drive
  • Conversations can be archived and searched, facilitating information retrieval.   
  • Powerful Security Measures

Overview of Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is a secure video conferencing tool by Google, designed for businesses and professionals. It allows users to conduct high-quality video meetings and collaborations with up to 250 participants. Integrated with other Google services, it provides a streamlined experience for virtual meetings and presentations. Let’s check its features to know more about the tool.

  • Screen Sharing: Available 
  • Mobile App: Available (Android and iOS)
  • Screen Sharing: Available
  • Automatic captioning: Available  
  • Live stream: 100,000 people Capability.        
  • Call Participant Length: 250 People
  • Integration: Gmail, Google Calendar
  • Hand raising, Q&A, polls                           
  • Ability to record meetings  
  • Encrypted calls and robust security measures 

Google Hangouts vs Google Meet: A Head On Head Comparison

google hangouts vs google meet

Both platforms provide great user experiences in terms of interface. Google Meet has a more professional user interface catering to business users, while Hangouts maintains a simple and easy-to-navigate layout suitable for casual conversations. Let’s check a comparison through the 6 factors of video conferencing. 

1. Video Conferencing Capabilities

Google Meet is an advanced video conferencing solution from Google, suitable for businesses and remote teams. With Meet, you can host video calls with up to 250 participants and live stream to 100,000 viewers. Meet also allows adjustment features. You can check its alternative MS teams and its adjustment feature

2. Enterprise Features Comparison

For enterprises, Google Meet is a part of the Google Workspace offering. Unlike Hangouts, Meet has advanced features like real-time captions, support for large meetings, and screen-sharing capabilities. Well, there are other screen-sharing options for meetings. You can check them too. 

3. Platform Availability

You can access Google Meet from the web at or through mobile apps available for Android and iOS. Hence, Meet is easy to access.

Why Choose Google Meet over Hangouts

4. Integration and Collaboration

Google Meet integrates with Google Workspace tools like Calendar and Drive, enabling efficient team collaboration. They are easy to get in touch with, you can access their help centers with Google Meet help center and Google Hangout help center.

5. Communication Tools

In addition to video conferencing, Meet offers accessible communication during meetings via text chat and file-sharing options. On the other hand, hangout doesn’t support many features.

6. Mobile Experience

The mobile apps for Google Meet provide a smooth experience for users on the go, allowing you to join or host meetings from your smartphone or tablet.

Why Choose Google Meet over Hangouts?

While Hangouts is suitable for casual video chats, Google Meet offers advanced tools, higher audio, and video quality, and is generally more tailored to professional needs. The choice between Google Hangouts vs Google Meet ultimately depends on your specific needs. Remember that there are also alternative video conferencing options like Teams, Skype, and Zoom, depending on your preferences.

Well, you can check our guide on using its alternatives like Zoom and MS Teams.

Here’s a comparison table to help you make an informed decision:

Features Google Meet Google Hangout
User Interface Simple and easy to navigate More professional interface
Remote Working Casual video conferences Designed for remote meetings
Integration Gmail, Google Workspace and Google Calendar Google Calendar
Alternatives Skype, Zoom, Teams Skype, Zoom, Teams
Participants Up to 250 Up to 10
Live Stream Viewers Up to 100,000 Not available
Real-time Caption Yes No
Screen Sharing  Yes No

Final Thoughts

When deciding between Google Hangouts vs Google Meet, consider the main purpose of your video conferences and team communication. Google Hangouts is better suited for personal messaging, calls, and casual meetings. On the other hand, Google Meet is designed for a professional environment, offering tight integration with Google Calendar and real-time captions, making it a popular choice for remote working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the main differences between Hangouts and Meet?

Google Hangouts is a communication platform designed for personal use. In contrast, Google Meet is a video-communication service specifically aimed at for business meetings. The most notable difference between the two services is that Meet can accommodate up to 100 participants, while Hangouts has a smaller capacity. 

Q2. Which platform offers better video call quality?

Both Hangouts and Meet utilize Google’s robust infrastructure and technology for video calls. However, Google Meet is specifically designed for video conferencing and thus offers more advanced features and an overall better video call quality. 

Q3. Are both Hangouts and Meet secure for communication?

Yes, both Google Hangouts and Google Meet are secure platforms for communication. Google utilizes encryption to protect the data transmitted through its services, including messages, voice calls, and video conferences. 

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